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Nourishment for Your Body October 18, 2010

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Nourishment for Your Body is where you will find Craving Fulfillment’s nutrition posts.  We will be looking at some Basics of healthy eating to lay the foundation and build from there.  Some of it you may know but it is a good way for us to reflect on how we are doing or to give yourself a gentle pat on the back.  Think of these posts as a check up – see what you have done well and what you could try again.

I’ll also mix in Nutrition Nuggets. These posts will discuss current research topics or maybe chat about what the nutrition headlines are at the moment.  We will decide if the nutrition buzz is real life practical or best left in the magazine or laboratory.

To add more flavour, some of the posts will be Healthy Eating Made Practical.  These will be simple, do-today tips that have worked for me and my family.

Through Nourishment for Your Body, my hope for you is to eventually make food a non-issue.  No more energy spent on thinking about how you should be controlling your food.  Instead, you can have the physical and mental energy mobilized to fulfill God’s purpose for you.  And oh, the freedom and fulfillment that brings.  I’m craving it.  Are you?  Offering glory to God is addictive.  Let’s get going!


Oh taste and see that the Lord is good;

Psalm 34:8