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Sumo Wrestlers Don’t Eat Breakfast October 29, 2010

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Let that sink in for a moment.  Sumo Wrestlers don’t eat breakfast…on purpose.

In Japan, Sumo Wrestlers are national heroes, so they want a  high weight.  To gain weight they skip breakfast and eat a light lunch knowing this will encourage overeating at the end of the day.  Also, by simply not eating for half the day, they have lowered their metabolism helping them maintain their high weight.

Our metabolism slows during the night to conserve energy while there is no energy eaten.  And it doesn’t jump start for the day until the first morsel of food enters our stomach.  Breakfast is ‘breaking the fast’ of not eating during the night.  And the simple act of digestion boosts our metabolism further.  Dietitians know in practice and from reliable research, that on average, those who don’t eat breakfast weigh more than those who do.  We also know that if you don’t eat breakfast, you will make up for those missed calories by the end of the day but you won’t make up for the missed nutrition.  Healthy breakfast foods are often replaced with unhealthy snacks later in the day.  I’ve done it.  Short changed myself during the first half of the day and then when I can’t ignore the hunger anymore, I am looking for anything I can get my hands on.  And for me, it is usually something sweet.

Eating something, anything, within an hour of getting up will boost your energy and start a pattern of healthy eating for the day.

“But if I eat breakfast I am starving for the rest of the day!”

That is your proof that you have a higher metabolism.  Your body is encouraging you to get into a regular schedule of eating.  Try eating some breakfast for two weeks.  You may find that you are hungrier during the day for your meals and snacks but more content in the evening to live the fridge door closed.

“I can’t face food in the morning.  I grab my coffee and go.”

This is very common among women.  We reach for the caffeine boost and forgo the food boost.  Start small if you need to.   Your breakfast  habit may start with a few crackers or a piece of fruit.  I find grabbing a small handful of cereal before I head into the shower, helps me be more efficient in the morning.  I’m also looking forward to my regular breakfast with the boys because I am hungry.  Sometimes I eat my bowl of cereal with them and for lack of time, my toast sits waiting for me on top of my travel mug of tea.  Find out what works well for you.  See if there is a morning when you are less rushed to try to fit in a bite to eat and continue from there.  On non-work days I have more time and therefore,  less rigid.  Since it is an asset for me on those days, I am determined to fit it in on the more rushed mornings.

If the common cereal and toast doesn’t appeal to you, try something non-traditional like a

Piece of left over pizza or a peanut butter and banana sandwich.

I came across a recipe posted by Erin, at Home with the Boys.  She found a new-to-her breakfast that she loves – homemade granola mixed with yogurt.  It is a good week-end plan-ahead to make the morning decision easier.

“I recently discovered that I REALLY enjoy yogurt and granola for breakfast. I have never liked yogurt in my life, unless it was IN something, so this was quite shocking to me.”  Read the rest here.

It is true; breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  I find if I start my day with food for my body as well as my soul then I can better manage what comes my way.   What has worked for you?

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