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You Know the Glow November 12, 2010

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Has there ever been a time when you did something, something great, that made you feel like that is what I am created to do?  You knew it was great because you could feel the glow start down deep and the warmth from it tingled right to tips of ears, fingers and toes.  You couldn’t help the overflow into a full face smile.  Remember the gratification and perhaps, the gratitude, to the One who allowed it?

If you are a teacher, maybe it was a lesson that engaged your students. They were as excited about it as you and you knew they got it.  If you are a mom, perhaps it was when you chose to leave the beckoning housework and chose the wee ones instead.  The love in their faces reflected yours.

This type of gratification often reflects times when our path piggy backs God’s path for our lives.  We sense it and savour it.  It reminds us to come back and stay closer to our Creator.  To hang tight and to live fully; completely; fulfilled.

But something happened in there that we don’t want to miss.  It wasn’t the God-approved thing we did that brought the glow; that thing, that made us cling.  It’s in the clinging that raises our heads to our Creator.  Our worship of Him is what fulfills us.  Worship is what God created us to do.  It is in our offering, in our worship, that fulfills us.

When we go to God to give…

…not get…

…we receive


If you have experienced it, you know the glow.  You know the cling, and you know the fulfillment.

*WONDER*…for a moment…what would today be like if I reversed the order?  If I first worshiped, which made me cling, which made me glow…



Rejoice in the Lord, O you righteous!

For praise from the upright is beautiful.

Psalm 33:1

Hugs and blessings,