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Fanciful Fridays November 19, 2010

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When I wake up on Fridays I have a skip in my step.  It’s my catch up and gear up day that ends with our family movie night.  We all look forward to the warmth of curling up in blankets, the familiar smell of homemade popcorn and the fun of being together.  Okay, some of that may be me dreaming a bit because it sounds so idealistic, but the point is, whether we all have joyful smiles or grumpy pouts, we all get some sort of excitement at the thought of Friday night.

Fridays on Craving Fulfillment will attempt to have the same feel.  I can’t quite figure out how to have comforting scents, but I will try to make it something to look forward to.  Fanciful Fridays, I will call them.  Sometimes a fun activity, a favourite recipe or something new I’ve tried and want to tell you about, like today.

Lately, we have made an effort to read the Bible together after supper.  That’s new.  It has sometimes been squeezed in, other times, mulled over and still other times, forgotten completely.  Still, we persevere and have already reaped the joy of questions, of comparisons and of discovering, together.

Afterwards, we try to choose a stand-out verse to highlight.  Last time it was Matthew 14:29

Jesus said “Come.”.  And Peter left the boat and walked on water to Jesus.

To help this sink in further and remind us of what we read, I looked for a way to display the key verses.  I found just the thing in DaySpring’s Ever Grateful line of products.  The Memo Board is spacious enough to let little fingers contribute in a big way.

As I wrote down this verse I wanted to make it come alive visually with a picture.  Don’t tell me; show me, I always say.  Then I will understand.  Besides, including a picture on the Memo Board would draw the boys’ attention back to the verse.  Our youngest glowed with pride when asked to draw our first picture.  Getting the three of them involved in different ways has helped all of us to experience scripture and make it stick.  We already have willing hands for the next picture.  I guess I’ll have to wait my turn.

Hugs and blessings,


P.S. I’m still  learning (and will be endlessly) so I am adding this a little late – I need to disclose that Dayspring has provided this product free of charge to me to review on Craving Fulfillment.  Doesn’t change how much  I love it!