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Circle of Light December 1, 2010

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Wednesdays are boys’ night.  I often work late and then do errands and finish off with a cart full of groceries.  I usually arrive home right at bedtime with the intention to arrive earlier.  This time the house was pretty dark.  I was doing the double blink at the thought that the hat trick was already tucked in when I heard shouts of excitement.  It was sounding a familiar-loud as I grabbed the banister.  I was catching on to what was up.


The door closed, lights off and shrieks.  Pause.  Knock (we are trying to teach privacy).


“MOMMYYYY!”  I tried to focus on what shenanigans were going on; me in the light, they in the dark.  Streaks of light and colour and giggles and “Look at this!”  “Watch me!”.   Mini glow sticks did circles, were drum sticks, swords, and wands.



I had prepped Dad last night in case I was late again.  “I want to start our giving advent stocking with light.  To get them thinking about how they can be the light of the world.”  I forgot to mention that I had planned on only giving one glow stick each instead of four.

“What fun is that?” asks Dad, in the midst of the colour-streaked dark.  A good example of why he is so good at boys.

“Look Mom!” says the youngest, as he twirls his circle.



“Show Mom how big the circle is when you put them together.”


“It gives off more light!  See, it’s a bigger circle.  Kinda like the Church.”



Out of the mouth of babes come profound thoughts.

I wanted to teach them and they came up with an even better teachable for all of us.


We give off more light if we join together.


You are the light of the world.  A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.

Matthew 5:14


Hugs and blessings,




2 Responses to “Circle of Light”

  1. Janet Martin Says:

    God bless you, ‘Mom’:) In the weariness that evening brings you drew out a great analogy! Very cool shots!!

  2. Denise Weber Says:

    Jane, I am crying – that was beautiful 🙂

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