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Christmas Card Bless Back December 4, 2010

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Isn’t real mail a treasure?  Real email warms my heart but when I get real snail mail, I get down right excited.  That is why I love snooping in the mail box in December.  There is always a chance that a Christmas card is waiting.

But what do you do with Christmas cards once read?  They are too special to toss right away.  Someone had given of their time and thought about our reaction.  How can we show and teach appreciation?

I have tried hanging them on string with mini clothes pins or displaying them as decorations but what has become a tradition for us is to simply put them in a basket on the kitchen table.  Whoever’s turn it is to say grace, gets to randomly pick out a card and then includes those people in their prayer.  Sometimes it’s a class mate, a relative or even the orthodontist’s staff gets chosen.

It’s a simple way to bless back.

And prayer is the best way to give to get joy.

Prayers can also be tucked into any Christmas cards we send.  Instead of me writing lip service to prayers, this year I am going to go beyond sending a card.  I’ll plan to say a prayer as I fill out the address, then seal it in and send it on its way.

This year we will be sending photo Christmas cards.  Not a new concept, I know, but this time I found the inspirational templates at Dayspring.  I haven’t received them yet to show you, but I wanted to tell you about them early enough in case you are also interested.  You can find the funky designs mixed with scripture here.  The ordering is easy and I saved time searching for Christian Christmas cards and developing the picture to insert in it (my usual approach).

Whether you receive or send Christmas cards this year, I pray you are blessed back.


…praying always with all prayer and supplication for all the saints –

Ephesians 6:18

Hugs and Blessings,



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