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Making Something December 11, 2010

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His 5 year old hand on my shoulder, me crouched down, he whispers in my ear and then draws back to see my reaction.  I smile and nod, and he ventures a little louder to his big brothers, “We’ll make something for God.”

It’s the youngest’ turn to decide what we will give for our Giving Advent Calendar.

He pulled out his picture to “demonstrate”.

Such a big word for a little, yet bursting with giving, heart.  How, I, pray, he never loses his love of giving; that the greed of the world never turns his focus to himself.  He looks for, even invents, reasons for giving.  Yet I know, his people-pleasing heart will get burned and it will be easy to coil inside himself where it feels safe.

Isn’t that what many of us do?  Start out with the faith of a child then the world burns?  Or maybe we start with the intimidation of a youngest child, learning early to keep quiet.   There’s less hurt potential to keep to our self.  How do we work our way back to that faith without barriers?  Faith that’s not just circumstantial?


Might  I say (trying hard to uncoil), one baby step at a time?  For me, it continues to be one scary, risky, clinging-to-God, step at a time.


But; once you’ve said yes to God, to something you know you can’t carry out on your own, and then experience what God does, beyond what you could ever predict, you want more.

Which pushes you to the next baby step.

It’s a flexing not just to His leading, but a surrender to His will for your next lag of the journey.  Trust deepens and the steps get bigger.

Maybe a toddler step the next time.


Right where you are; what next step is God asking of you?

Allow God to prove Himself to you.  But the clincher is, you have to take the risk to experience the growth.

Peter didn’t know he could walk on water until he took his first step.  He sank only when he doubted.  And Jesus’ hand was there.  When Peter called to Jesus in fear, Jesus immediately reached out his hand in love.  But again, Peter had to take His hand.  We are offered help but will not fully experience it unless we embrace  it by faith.   A step of faith.


With each of these faith-filled steps we are making something for God.

You; me.

We are created by and for Him.  And we are a gift for Him.


And immediately Jesus stretched out His hand and caught him, and said to him, “O you of little faith, why did you doubt?”

Matthew 14:31

Hugs and blessings,