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Not a Gift December 27, 2010

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When discontent creeps in, I vehemently, intentionally, count my blessings until I conquer it.  Oh, that sounds so confident, so strong and committed.  I’m shaking my head no.

Weakness, I am; strength, I am through Christ.

As I have shared with others, and learned in the margin of the Great Book, the international best seller of all time,

contentment is not a gift; it is learned.

Ouch. Deep sigh.  Pulling up my britches and counting blessings…







1.  An ice rink that has been skatable all Christmas vacation.

2.  Getting comfortable in hockey skates.

3.  Icing that was too runny.

4.  To be able to say “see you soon” to family far away and then have a date over cyber space with crowds on both ends.

5.  Illness that has sandwiched Christmas but not on the day.

6.  Looking back to sickness last year, more so, and being thankful it wasn’t the years previous when we stayed with fragile loved ones.

7.  Prayers by boys that show they get it.

8.  Giving hearts.

9.  Brother cuddles

10.  Christmas announcements.

11.  A reminder that things are just things.

12.  Just us family time.

13.  Remembering you can’t out give God…


May you count many blessings this day and always.

Hugs and blessings,