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A little summer in winter January 1, 2011

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I love winter.  I have cold hands until June, but I still love winter.  The snow brightens up a brown, damp world and a whole new set of play erupts.  Being Canadian, you either embrace the snow or you suffer long.

Even in the fun, a little summer still sounds nice.  Something to do with the grass being a little greener…

On a day that looked for greener grass, I played Mela Kamin’s CD.  The first song is “Summer in my Soul” and it got the youngest and me twirling and singing around the dirty dishes and jam-streaked floor.

Me trying to be a music critic, thinks her music is breezy and gentle but fragrant with whimsical summer (that was fun but I will not seek to make money at it).  And…if you want to listen too here is a giving from Mela…


Free song downloads!


She reveals the free code to anyone and you can download them here.

Enjoy the warm glimpse of summer.


Hugs and blessings,