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New Year, New You, New Diet? January 5, 2011

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You can’t avoid it.  Glancing to the side bar of your Facebook page or paying any attention to TV or radio commercials quickly forces a lot of ‘should’ thoughts.  I should exercise more, I should be eating better, I should lose weight.


95% of all diets fail

Fail, meaning, that all the lost weight, and then some, is regained within a year of stopping the diet plan.  Not a good investment of time, money or energy.

As my broken record indicates, it is easier on your mind to make the goal, eating for health.  It leaves some energy left over for better things.

Sometimes it is easier to know what to do when you first look at what not to do.  Follow the links to stuff we have already chatted about.


Healthy Eating is not…






1.  Eating for weight instead of eating for health

2.  Skipping meals to save up for later

3.  Counting calories or fat grams

4.  Ignoring hunger (this will need a few posts to cover; stay tuned…)

5.  Limiting a food group like meat or an energy source like fat or carbs.

6.  Only eating certain foods or ‘safe’ foods.

7.  Having rigid rules that dictate what, when &/or how much you can eat.







We have already looked at a couple of the base essentials to healthy eating:







Healthy Eating is…

1.  Eating a variety of foods

2.  Eating breakfast everyday

3.  Eating lunch and supper everyday

4.  Eating snacks when physically hungry (most of the time)

5.  Not drinking sugar


To be most effective awareness of how you already eat is essential.  Then you know where to start.  You can find some help with that, here.








Starting with the basics is not glamorous like the side bar ads but have proven lasting results.

Well worth the wait, well worth the energy, well worth the peace of mind.


There’s a lot more to chat about.  We will continue our journey to healthy eating in upcoming Nourishment for Your Body posts.

Hugs and blessings,



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