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Craving Organization January 7, 2011

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Is it just me, or do others get this nesting sort of feeling in January to clean out closets and get organized?  I just cleaned and reorganized my baking cupboard and what a glorious bit of accomplishment.  Makes me want to keep on cleaning and purging unnecessary stuff and dirt.


Oh yes, but there are those other things that need to get done and everyone likes to have clean laundry every once in a while.  Sometimes I find my mental list gets too long and I get bogged down.  Then nothing gets done.


I often will use my daily planner/calendar to make a list to check off and it’s all about the crossing off the list.  Sometimes I will even write down items that I already did that day just so I can cross them out and check them off.


But it’s not all neat and tidy like I saw on aholyexperience.  She used the Daily Docket from Simple Mom.  I tried it out too and it allowed me to scribble and then fine tune a to-do list.  It then forced me to plan how the day would play out which is my weakness. I always try to accomplish too much in one day.  Unrealistic would be a good descriptor.  And then I end up not feeling like I got enough done or I do it all and then I am late or speeding or both.


So if you are craving organization and are a list person like me – your link to more organizing tools is here.


…if you will excuse me, I gotta go check and cross this off my list then multi-task before bed… (teasing; well, almost)

Hugs and blessings,