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Unabashed Fondness January 15, 2011

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~ an excerpt from my mid summer’s journal ~

Seeing the connection between two 5-year-old cousins who adore each other is heart intriguing.  A boy and girl who giggle at silliness or nothing much, I covet.  How simple; how true to how it should be.  At what age do we lose it?  My 10-year-old has lost it.  Conscious of more.  My 8-year-old is in the process of losing it but entirely, has not.  He’s still able to give hugs with a bit of guarding and occasionally at bedtime requests that I get right in to give him his good night cuddle.

How I crave this honesty with you God.  I know the rewards.  I’ve tasted them.  In the stillness of bedtime we cuddle and I hug the warmth.  Your blessing touches my inner most part and satisfies at these times when I truly let you in.

I hear another set of giggles when a fly swatter hits a fridge magnet and it learns how to fly.  On to the next, they flitter out of the room.  I want to follow them.  I crave their sweet abandon; their unpretentious hearts.  I yearn to be young in this way towards you, my Father.

“Dear Jesus, I try to imagine your face looking into the Father’s and try to mimic it.  It’s in the trying, the striving to be better, that You tell me to rest.  To just be, and let You minister to me.

Sense in me my love for You, dear God, warm with the thought of seeing You in Glory.  Thank you for this glimpse to pull my eyes upward and shed my veil if only for a moment.


This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast, and which enters the

Presence behind the veil,

Hebrews 6:19


Hugs and blessings,