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Glowing skin by carrots January 17, 2011

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Now here is a reason to put your money where your mouth is…

We have heard that eating well will improve your skin but this angle I read at today was new to me – it will make it glow.

Researchers asked participants to rate pictures of the same person manipulated to show their natural skin tone, with a tan and when they had eaten a good amount of carotenoids, a pigment found in vegetables and fruit.  Consistently, the participants picked the later.

The most familiar carotenoid is beta carotene found in, yep, carrots (and other orange vegetables and fruit).

“They found that just one or two more portions of fruits and vegetables a day resulted in a subtle shift toward the more healthy yellowish tone of carotenoid consumption.”

To see the picture comparison click here.

Eating more vegetables and fruit has a host of benefits; here is one more to add – an appealing, healthy looking skin tone.

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