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Fully Refreshed January 28, 2011

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As a follow-up to Enough Exercise, here is one of my favourite ways to get fully refreshed.  I set up our Wii Active More Workouts and then mute it.  I fire up the laptop to one of my favourite sites with free broadcasts and listen to a message or two.  My mind is off the exercise and getting challenged by what I hear.  I don’t get exercise-boredom and I’m filling my mind with good stuff.


I’ve found myself doing the “Island Outrun” to get a note-book and pen so I don’t miss the scripture verse or key message.  Sometimes I’ve laughed out loud and once, a tear-jerker left me a mixed bag of emotions – ever cry when endorphins are soaring through to your finger tips?  That was interesting.


Once I’m done I’ve had nourishment for my body and soul.  And I feel like I’ve treated myself, furthered myself and multitasked it all.  Try it!  Soon I want to advance to downloading and listening while walking outside.  Adding fresh air to this mix will be like a (fresh) cherry on top.


Here’s what I listened to this week:  Trusting God by James MacDonald at Walk in the Word.  Highly recommended.


Hugs and blessings,