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Counting Blessings January 31, 2011

Filed under: Multitude Mondays,Nourishment for Your Soul — Jane Weber, RD @ 10:53 pm

Counting my blessings and am thankful…


14.  A day off school and a day off work

15.  being hungry and being filled

16.  a disappointment followed by a nice surprise


17.  sons anticipating words and chapters that I loved to hear… a second time through


18.  a helpful hand and a whimsical kiss

19.  a reminder to not give empty promises of prayers but to pray


20.  neighbour friends

21.  a good little patient

22.  leftover turkey as a jump start to supper


23.  Christian radio to inject teaching

24.  an echo of your own attitude so you can hear yourself


May your blessings blossom…

Hugs and blessings,