Craving Fulfillment

Nourishment for Body and Soul

About Jane October 7, 2010

I crave a lot of things.  I crave sweets often.  I crave to be a better wife and an adept  Mom to our boys.  I crave helping others through my job as a Dietitian.  But mostly, I crave fulfillment that only gets met by God.

I’ve tried other things.  Oh yes, I’ve tried other things.  I’ve tried to find identity in a sport.  Still left me striving.  I’ve tried eating perfectly.  Found myself still seeking.  I’ve tried looking to others for gratification.  Still kept searching. But nestled in the arms of Grace, I find peace with me.

Craving Fulfillment is a reality account of how I try to direct my craving in the right direction day by day.  You’ll see how God continues to patiently teach me and now and then I get it, the first time.  I will share with you, how we eat well; not how we eat perfectly because we don’t even try. Craving Fulfillment will bring nutrition guidelines to real life with an ingredient of how God lives in the midst.  But here is the clincher, my life is hectic like yours. I have 3 busy boys, I work outside the home and have a husband who works a lot.

The healthy eating is practical.  The Christian living is real.

I invite you to find peace with yourself and with food and find nourishment for your body and soul, one day at a time.

Hugs and blessings,