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Counting Blessings #25 – 37 February 14, 2011

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Counting my blessings and am thankful for…


25.  Leopards


26.  Friends laughing over the 8:10 pm china cut-off time at the coffee-house.  Closing time was 9:00pm.  [Youth who obviously had better things to do than stay and wash our dishes after closing]

27.  Cousins in the snow



28.  My non-morning person’s 7 am couldn’t-hold-back smile

29.  Another lesson in listening to His voice sooner

30.  Moroccan stew

31.  Co-workers who gladly share

32.  Co-workers who make me feel normal

33.  Eight-word emails with the subject line “love”

34.  A taste of summer in winter that takes you back to picking, hulling and ‘smashing’

35.  Too much whipped cream



36.  “Thank you God for the wonderfulest Valentine supper in the world ever!”


37.  Confirmation


My hope is you feel God’s love all over you today.

Hugs and blessings,



Clean Your Socks Off February 12, 2011

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I don’t like cleaning.  It seems so futile.  Maybe it has something to do with my job growing up was to clean the bathroom.  I have 6 older brothers.  Enough said.  But I know how to clean toilets and with the hat-trick, that is an asset.

It’s a good thing I dislike a dirty house more than cleaning.  And since I want happy daughter-in-laws some day, I teach the hat-trick to clean toilets too.

3 boys, cleaning, on a Saturday morning, evict more than a few groans and they aren’t all from the male species.

So to spruce it up and lighten our spirits to just

get. it. done.

We make it a challenge or play some upbeat music.

I couldn’t help but sway some hips along with the back up singers while dusting to this classic.  A reflex of sorts by my Curry genes.,My limbs so  can’t be still when I hear it.

The random “Hallelujahs” from the midlin’ kept us smiling for at least part of the chores.  He often backed up the cd to “In the Belly of a Whale” with the line “What rhymes with comet?” encouraging another bellow and snickers.


Shaking my head and smiling a deep sigh, I wonder how I got here; blessed as I am.

A mother of boys.  At times craving pink but still choosing blue as my favourite colour.

Hugs and blessings,



Today’s Nutrition Nibble February 8, 2011

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Sorry for the absence – our satellite internet has been down and out for 4 days.




Increase whole grains, nutrients, and fibre by switching to brown rice instead of white.

We prefer converted brown rice over regular brown rice.  It is tastier and takes about the same amount of time to cook as white.


Hugs and blessings,



Planning to Eat Three Times Over February 3, 2011

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Eating 3 meals on time, every day sounds way too boring and too much like I am your mother speaking, to be important.  But, yeah, it’s important.  We’ve talked breakfast, looked at variety in meals, what healthy eating is not, now let’s look at the whole day.

When meals are all over the place or lopsided, your body gives up on giving you clues to eat or not to eat.  The listening to hunger, satiety and fullness clues to feed yourself and to know how much to eat, is lost and you start eating for other reasons…

I feel like something crunchy or maybe salty…

Something sweet; that’s it.

Mmmmm…that looks gooood.

Or, you don’t even know why you just ate that box of crackers.  Before we can address eating that has nothing to do with physical hunger, we need to establish regular eating times.  Times that your body can get used to and predict.  ‘Cause here’s the thing –

if your body doesn’t ‘know’ when you will eat next – maybe in a couple of hours or maybe in 7 hours, it will scrape every last calorie it can and save it for later.

That’s an obvious simplification of biochemistry and my former professor would be mortified, but it makes sense, right?  Our body hoards and stores if there isn’t a constant supply.  Your best defense against hoarding and storing is to eat.

Eat.  Regularly.  On time.  Every day.

Sounds like a restaurant slogan!

Isn’t it ironic that I say eat more to eat well?  We are talking basics here, not specifics.  And if we don’t have the basics first, the specifics won’t make a spit of difference.  That’s why jumping on the latest headline, like pomegranates for instance, won’t singularly solve our nutrition problems.  I mean nutrition opportunities.  That sounds more positive.

The general guideline is to eat meals 3 – 4 hours apart.

Literally plan your day to include 3 meals regularly spaced, if you don’t already.  If you get physically hungry before the next meal, eat a snack to get you there; not to be full and spoil your appetite.  If you eat too much for a snack, you throw off your regular meals and the vicious cycle begins…

It likely will take a few tries to get ‘regular’ but stick with it.  If you have eaten irregularly for years, your body will need some time to catch on that this is here to stay.  Then you are on your way to trusting your body and your body trusting you to tell you how much to eat and when.

An upcoming topic is more about snacking (I can’t live without ‘em), but we will also chat about a trend of lopsided meals.

Hugs and blessings,



Chili when You’re Chilly February 2, 2011

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[Thanks, Mom, for pointing out my spelling mistake.  The ironic thing is, I had ‘UR’ but backed out, thinking it too improper!]

This week’s Nutrition Nibble

Here is a hearty and yummy chilli we had for supper last night.  Skip a step in the recipe by using up left over turkey or chicken.  It’s a nice winter warm-up for a stormy day.

Super Quick Bean and Chicken Chili

The surprise ingredient is milk.  If you also sprinkle the cheese on top, you’ve got a good source of calcium.  The mineral that most women, in my experience, don’t quite get enough of in their day.


Hugs and blessings,



Counting Blessings January 31, 2011

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Counting my blessings and am thankful…


14.  A day off school and a day off work

15.  being hungry and being filled

16.  a disappointment followed by a nice surprise


17.  sons anticipating words and chapters that I loved to hear… a second time through


18.  a helpful hand and a whimsical kiss

19.  a reminder to not give empty promises of prayers but to pray


20.  neighbour friends

21.  a good little patient

22.  leftover turkey as a jump start to supper


23.  Christian radio to inject teaching

24.  an echo of your own attitude so you can hear yourself


May your blessings blossom…

Hugs and blessings,



Fully Refreshed January 28, 2011

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As a follow-up to Enough Exercise, here is one of my favourite ways to get fully refreshed.  I set up our Wii Active More Workouts and then mute it.  I fire up the laptop to one of my favourite sites with free broadcasts and listen to a message or two.  My mind is off the exercise and getting challenged by what I hear.  I don’t get exercise-boredom and I’m filling my mind with good stuff.


I’ve found myself doing the “Island Outrun” to get a note-book and pen so I don’t miss the scripture verse or key message.  Sometimes I’ve laughed out loud and once, a tear-jerker left me a mixed bag of emotions – ever cry when endorphins are soaring through to your finger tips?  That was interesting.


Once I’m done I’ve had nourishment for my body and soul.  And I feel like I’ve treated myself, furthered myself and multitasked it all.  Try it!  Soon I want to advance to downloading and listening while walking outside.  Adding fresh air to this mix will be like a (fresh) cherry on top.


Here’s what I listened to this week:  Trusting God by James MacDonald at Walk in the Word.  Highly recommended.


Hugs and blessings,