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Off-balance Meals Part 2 March 3, 2011

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You can read Part 1 here.

My soap box was getting creaky after I posted on the importance of breakfast. But, missing the most important meal, sets us up to nibble our day away, making up for missed calories but not missed nutrition.  Metabolism suffers.


After a little or zero breakfast, the willpower that takes us through a light lunch dwindles by mid-afternoon.  We end up justifying a quick trip through the drive-thru or have a belly aching supper.


These meals are off-balance.  The under eating leads to overeating.

Science backs this too.  In this scenario our blood sugar gradually falls throughout the day.  The low blood sugar pushes us to eat and unless we have the will power of an ox, we eat or nibble or munch our way to supper and to bed.  Our blood sugar peaks in response to our large intake.

And there is more, our metabolism slows in response to being underfed most of the day.  It rebounds when we eat the large supper but by then, we’ve sacrificed a good chunk of energy-burning potential.


A nourishing breakfast and a balanced lunch will encourage a third meal that is in line with our body’s needs.   Ideally, the quantity of food is similar in all three meals.  For me, when my body is fed through out the day, I have fewer cravings, am less apt to over eat and I feel better the day through.


Regular, similar quantity meals, leads to moderate hunger that we can control and a better ability to satisfy it without over eating.


Our blood sugar will fall and rise throughout the day in moderate amounts.  This allows our metabolism to work at a better capacity for the day.  We overeat less and eat closer to what our body needs.


In other words, we control the food rather than the food controlling us.

We don’t need more will power; we just need to eat smarter.  Working with how God designed our body instead of fighting against it.


Responding rather than reacting.

Planning to eat vs. willing to not. 

Positive eating.


Meals are the basis to healthy eating but snacks are the accomplices.

Healthy snacking…that’s next.


Hugs and blessings,



Over Done with Over Eating December 30, 2010

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Christmas meals done.  Christmas goodies hanging around.  The thought of New Year’s feasts causing an “ugh”.  Anyone else getting over done with over eating?

Here’s your best way to prevent over eating for New Year celebrations.

Eat normally.

Pardon me?

Really.  Eat your regular breakfast, your regular lunch and a regular dinner.  You will be less likely to over eat later.

The opposite may make more sense to you:

To encourage overeating, under eat.

Think about the last time you ‘saved up’ during the day knowing you would have options to indulge later.  Did you set yourself up to eat more than you normally would?

I find if I go to a function fed, I make better choices rather than reacting to my ravenous biochemistry.  I can choose some of my favourite foods and am content to leave it at that.  Guilt free because I don’t eat unhealthy foods all the time.  The goal is not to eat perfectly but to eat well most of the time.

If you find this doesn’t work, check in to see your reason for eating.  Is it for health or weight?  I remember saying to myself subconsciously more than consciously, I don’t know when I will allow myself to eat these again so I’ll dig in and enjoy them while I can.


When the noose is loosened on ingrained food rules, they run amuck; until constricted again.

Then the next day arrives, guilt settles in, and the ‘making up’ for it begins.

Be easy on yourself.  Make this year’s resolution to enjoy food rather than indulge.  Eat well, not perfectly and to eat for your health not other wise.

We will continue this chat in 2011…


May God pour out His blessings on you in 2011.

Hugs and blessings,