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Pre-meal Snacks April 4, 2011

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Today’s Nutrition Nibble

“Mom, but I’m hungry!”

Supper is in half an hour and I know they won’t eat any of it, if I give in. I’m not saying this is always smooth but what works for us, is a stick-to-it rule before meals:


If you are hungry within an hour of a meal, choose a fruit or vegetable.

Here’s what they reach for (keep in mind choking hazards if you have wee ones):


  • Frozen peas or corn
  • The vegetable we are having for supper except raw (and then they don’t have to eat it at meal time)
  • Frozen berries
  • A small box of r aisins
  • Handful of grapes or an apple


This gives the boys a bit of control, can get in an extra serving of vegetables or fruit and takes the edge off, so I can get back to getting supper on the table.


Hugs and blessings,