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Lopsided Meals February 19, 2011

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Lopsided Meals can mean a couple of things.

  1. The North American way of eating that makes the meat the heavy weight on our plate.
  2. Eating three meals a day but the balance is off:  little or no breakfast, light lunch, heavy supper (and sometimes grazing before and after)


Let’s tackle these healthy eating kyboshers one at a time.


1.  Meat as the Heavy Weight

What do you answer when someone asks “What’s for dinner?”

Green beans?

Not exactly what I would say.

Most times we answer with the meat:

“Chicken” or “Hot dogs”

It’s was the eldest’ turn to make supper last night and when asked earlier in the week what he wants to make, his answer: “steak”.  He answering “broccoli” would only happen in a Dietitian daydream.

Making the switch to vegetables being the main stay is going against the grain – not easy.  We may do it sometimes without thinking, though.  Stir fries, grilled chicken salads, homemade soup all feature vegetables.



Here is a tactic that has worked for some – try to reverse the weight on your plate:  envision your plate divided into 3 sections:

¼  for protein (meat, poultry, fish, beans, nuts, eggs)

¼  for grain products or potato (actually another vegetable – bonus!)

½  for vegetables.

Like I said, not the norm– we picture the eldest’s steak in this last section.

But this switch means maximizing nutrition and lowering your risk of developing disease.  And it is a cheaper way to eat.



Another strategy:

Choose 2 vegetables beside the rice and chicken or make salad a habit with meals.


One more tip:

Sometimes if we have been lean on the vegetables, I make a big fruit salad for dessert.  Not veggies, but we eat similar nutrients.  A nice change in the lunch box too.


Momma was right; we need to eat our vegetables.


Up next in Nourishment for Your Body – Lopsided Meals Part 2: Off-balance Meals

Hugs and blessings,



Glowing skin by carrots January 17, 2011

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Now here is a reason to put your money where your mouth is…

We have heard that eating well will improve your skin but this angle I read at today was new to me – it will make it glow.

Researchers asked participants to rate pictures of the same person manipulated to show their natural skin tone, with a tan and when they had eaten a good amount of carotenoids, a pigment found in vegetables and fruit.  Consistently, the participants picked the later.

The most familiar carotenoid is beta carotene found in, yep, carrots (and other orange vegetables and fruit).

“They found that just one or two more portions of fruits and vegetables a day resulted in a subtle shift toward the more healthy yellowish tone of carotenoid consumption.”

To see the picture comparison click here.

Eating more vegetables and fruit has a host of benefits; here is one more to add – an appealing, healthy looking skin tone.

Hugs and blessings,


PS Want to know if you eat enough vegetables and fruit?   Click here.